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Summary of episode 7 (season 3)

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Episode 7: The Saber of The Samurai

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 3 - Episode 7

The children think the shield key is somewhere within the Shimazu clan, whose emblem resembles the key.
Aboard the ship, as Ambrosius flees the castle, Mendoza and his sailors who snuck aboard interrogate him. Threatened by Mendoza, Ambrosius lands the ship next to the Golden Condor, near Yoshi's house.
Everyone meets up, and Tao alone, sure of Ambrosius's innocence, frees him despite his companions' words. Mendoza tasks Sancho and Pedro with watching the alchemist on his ship, where Gaspard's also held, as he goes to Yoshi's with the children. When Mendoza sees Tao's sketch of the shield key, he recalls his meeting with Shimazu: the shield key is the guard of the Daimyo's saber! But they need a plan to steal it.
They go back to the ship, and once night falls, let Gaspard escape; he'll naturally run back to warn Shimazu. The Daimyo is furious as his prisoners have escaped, but Gaspard offers to lead him to them. Meanwhile the children, the sailors and Ambrosius put together the next phase of their plan.
That night, as Shimazu and his soldiers come to the Golden Condor, out heroes await them. They've readied many traps and bombs with Ambrosius's help, to put them to sleep. A game of hide-and-seek begins, during which Gaspard sneakily runs away. All the soldiers are soon knocked out and Zia manages to finally grab the unconscious Daimyo's saber.
But Ambrosius moves towards Mendoza, sword in hand...

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Documentary: the Togishi and their art of sharpening the blades of katanas with 5 different stones during 10 days.
Kokapetl's Scoop: the different parts of a katana: tsuba (the guard), saya (the scabbard) and tsuka (the handle).

Characters (in order of appearance): Zia, Esteban, Tao, Kokapetl, Ambrosius, Mendoza, Pedro, Sancho, Gaspard, Yoshi, Ichiro, the Great Condor, Shimadzu.

Synopsis: Éric-Paul Marais
Script: Éric-Paul Marais and Didier Lejeune
Documentary author: Jean-Luc François
Storyboard: Olivier Reynal
Artistic director: Fernando Lira
Assistant director: Régis Didry

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