List of MCoG goodies

Here is a list of main Mysterious Cities of Gold goodies. If you have others, email me. Thank you!

With a little perseverance (and a lot of money), you will be able to find on the Internet almost all goodies of this page. As far as DVDs or CDs, this should be easy ... For the others and especially the cels or Artbook, be careful because prices may vary a lot! Finally, "old" items such as stickers albums or vinyls require more research and a little chance but the web should be helpful ...

Resin figurines

The characters
EstebanTaoZiaThe medaillion
Each character is 15 cm high and is sold with a quarter of the medallion.
Price: 45 euros.

The Great Condor
The Great Condor
The wings are articulated.
Height 17 cm
Price: 60 euros

Not faithful to the original one!
Height 20 cm.
Sold with a quarter of the medallion.
Price: 60 euros

The full set
All together
Esteban, Tao, Zia, The Great Condor and Solaris
The four quarters of the medallion can complete it.
Price: 200 euros

The clock

The clock AK Video

This clock from AK vidéo was available with their DVDs set!
The dial is actually a damaged DVD (Albator 84 in my case) that has been "recycled"!

CD/DVD opener

CD/DVD opener
It removes the plastic film which protects the CD/DVD. Absolutely essential!
Price: about 5 euros

The medallion of Esteban

The medallion of Esteban
This is the official medallion. 1,000 copies.
Sold with the videotapes: you could receive if you were
one of the first 1000 to buy the 10 videotapes
and return proof of purchase. Its quality is really poor ...

A plexiglass medallion made by Shadow
A plexiglass medallion made by Shadow!
Both parts are detachable!

A plexiglass medallion made by Shadow A plexiglass medallion made by Shadow
Another medallion, hand painted, also in two parts

They are not for sale! Congratulations to him.

The celluloids

A celluloid with Tao
These original images were used to make the series.
There are hundreds on sale everywhere. From ten to hundreds of euros.

The case for Nokia 3310 mobile

Nokia 3310 caseNokia 3310 case
This case is compatible with the old Nokia 3310.
It was sent to some users. Hard to find today.

The calling cards

The calling cards
These phone cards were available at the Cartoonist convention in Toulon in April 2000
or with the videotapes sets. Hard to find.

The videotapes and DVD

The collector DVD box by Kaze
The collector DVD box by Kaze (2008), remastered with many bonus!

There are several boxes and videotapes. The 1rst box included 10 videotapes and the plastic medallion of Esteban. Then a second box of 7 videotapes was released. No bonus included.

There are several DVD sets, more or less buggy and at different prices.

The AK Video box (2000) is a 6 DVD set with many extras (interviews, ...). About 100 euros.

The Sony box (2000) is almost the same as AK video. About 100 euros.

The CDiscount box "20th anniversary" (2001) is of average quality with no extras. For small budgets: about 25 euros.

The Sony box (2001) is a 7 DVD set. You will find the episodes and somes extras ... without bugs. Very complete. About 100 euros.

The Kaze box (2008) is a 8 DVD set. This special edition, released for the 25th anniversary of the 1rst broadcast of the series in France, has been completely remastered. There are two versions: a basic version (about 35 euros) and a collector version limited to 8500 copies, with many bonus (about 80 euros). This (ultimate?) edition released in collaboration with the authors of the first series, is clearly of good quality. Among the bonus: a book of 100 pages on the original series, an encyclopedia on the pre-Columbian peoples, the original novel "The King's Fifth" by Scott O'Dell reissued for the occasion with a special cover, comparison of storyboard/sequence, deleted scenes, backstage production, an excerpt from an episode in Japanese, a soundtrack in Breton ...

Kaze basic version CDiscount Sony 2001
Kaze 2008, CDiscount 2001 and Sony 2001

Audio CD

Audio CD by AK Video
Audio CD by AK Video
This is the original audio CD of 1982 by Saban and Levy.
31 audio tracks, 2 interactive tracks
(summaries, characters, etc.) and the episode 18!
Not available for sale (about 20 euros on auction sites)

Audio CD by Logarythme
Audio CD by Logarythme Audio CD by Logarythme
A boxed set of 2 audio CD, dating from 2002.
Find various unreleased tracks!
About 15 euros (exists in two different covers)

The Vinyls

Two French vinyls
The French vinyl
Two vinyls were released in France.
About 10 euros each.

Vinyl and book
Vinyl and book
See the book

You can read the book while you listen to the vinyl

The Japanese BGM
The Japanese BGM No.1 The Japanese BGM No.2
Two BGM came out in Japan.
The music is different from what we know
because they were composed by Nobuyoshi Koshibe.
Very difficult to find in Europe ...

The French comics

Le Secret d'Esteban
Le secret d'Esteban
See the comic

About 10 euros.

Le Maître du Soleil" and "L'Oiseau d'Or".
Le Maître du Soleil L'oiseau d'Or

Le Vaisseau du Soleil
Le Vaisseau du Soleil
See the comic

Le sacrifice de Zia
Le Sacrifice de Zia
See the comic

The comic of episode 1
The comic of episode 1
See the comic

The sticker album

The cover
A sticker A sticker
See the album

The puzzles
The puzzle
The puzzleThe puzzle
The puzzleThe puzzle

The pillow and the comforter
The pillowThe pillow
The comforter
The comforterThe comforter

The pamphlet

Taiyo no ko Esteban
The pamphlet
This Japanese book summarizes the series, provides information
on all persons who worked for the realization of the series, and so on.
About 25 euros.

The ArtBooks

This is Animation #1
(Artbook No.1)
Artbook No.1
See Artbook No.1

Quite difficult to find (and expensive), this book contains
many pictures and explanation: opening theme,
main characters, etc. You will also find a summary
of the story until episode 20 and a presentation
of how the characters met.
About 100 euros.

This is animation #6
(Artbook No.2)
Artbook No.2
See Artbook No.2

As rare as the first one, it sums up the story from the episode 21.
For all (fortunate) fans! About 100 euros.

Japaneese goodies

Some times to times, you can find japaneese stuff (chopsticks...), but very rare in Europe.
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