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One of the success of Mysterious Cities of Gold series is undoubtedly its soundtrack! You will find below the main titles, which punctuate and highlight all the important moments of the series.
The files quality was deliberately degraded: audio CDs are sold (in France: AK Video, Logarythme): I recommand you to buy them!

The 'AK Video' CDThe 'AK Video' CDThe 'AK Video' CDThe 'AK Video' CD
The "AK Video" CD covers: 29 tracks, and interactive stuff ...

French credits (season 4)

French opening credits (season 4)

French credits (season 3)

French opening credits (season 3)

French credits (season 2)

French TV opening credits

Foreign credits (saison 4)

Polish opening credits (season 4)

Foreign credits (saison 3)

Chinese opening credits (season 3)

English opening credits (season 3)

Foreign credits (saison 2)

Kannada opening credits - India (season 2)

Malayalam opening credits - India (season 2)

English trailer (season 2)

Polish opening credits (season 2)

Foreign credits (season 1)

飛過藍天 - Fly across the blue sky
Chinese opening credits (aired in Taiwan)

As Misteriosas Cidades de Ouro
Portuguese opening credits

As Misteriosas Cidades de Ouro
Portuguese end credits

Die Geheimnisvollen Städte des Goldes
German opening credits

De Mystiska Guldstäderna
Swedish opening credits

Las Misteriosas Ciudades de Oro
Spanish opening credits

The Mysterious Cities of Gold
American opening credits

Tajemnicze zlote miasta
Polish opening credits on TVP 2

Tajemnicze zlote miasta
Polish opening credits on RTL7

The Mysterious Cities of Gold
English opening credits

Try my best
Japanese opening credits

Japanese end credits

Try my best
Full Japanese opening credits

Bugem an Heol
Breton opening credits (aired in France on TV Breizh)

Bugel an Heol
Breton end credits (aired in France on TV Breizh)

Syrian opening credits

Korean opening credits
Thanks to Marek and Jeong-Ju

Medleys and fans performances (season 1)

Remix by Pen of Chaos - Irish sound

Medley by Dud

Medley by Marc

Children of the Sun - Bartmix

Remix by the Catalan group "Le Système sans interdit"

Punk version by Explosion de caca


Remix by DJ Big Daddy

Song of Esteban
"Try my best" remixed on piano

"Majestueux Solaris" remix

Medley No.1 by Sugarbear

Medley No.2 by Sugarbear

Medley No.3 by Sugarbear

Remix by the Canadian group Overbass

Remix by the group "Les castafiores"

From the audio CD Techno Toons

Techno remix by Bart Offseen (2000)

Remix by the Canadian group (c)Yelo Molo

French tracks (season 1)

French TV opening credits with speech

French TV opening credits without speech

Esteban's theme

Zia's theme

Tao's theme

Incas gods

Electronic adventures

The Spaniards attack

Esteban's quest

Tao's quest

Child of the sun


The Esperanza adrift

Esteban in the town

Instrumental opening credits

St Elme fire

Happy Esteban

Tao's island

The Inca people

The Andes

Majestic Solaris

At the City gates

Esteban's dream

The feathered serpent

The storm

Mendoza's theme

Sad Cities of Gold

The Condor takes flight

Esteban et Zia à la recherche des 7 Cités d'Or
(Esteban and Zia in search of the 7 Cities of Gold)

The origins of Esteban and Zia
Lyrics from Jean-Jacques Debout.

Banned cities from chilhood
Lyrics from Jean-Jacques Debout.

If you have other songs, email-me!

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