The Mysterious Cities of Gold: season 2 (2013)

News about The Mysterious Cities of Gold series
09.17.2009: Interview of Hadrian Soulez-Lariviere for www.LesCitesdOr.com
As promised, here is an interview of Hadrian Soulez-Lariviere, screenwriter of the next 3 seasons of The Mysterious Cities of Gold series. Wanting to [...] (read more)

09.26.2003: Interview of Jean CHALOPIN
Here is an excerpt from the interview with Jean CHALOPIN, conducted by mail by the former website Japimpact, in July 2003. How did you meet with the J [...] (read more)

09.03.2003: A short digest of what is true or false about the sequel of The Mysterious Cities of Gold series
Tired of hearing anything and everything about the continuation of the Mysterious Cities of Gold, I told you about the various rumors. To know everyth [...] (read more)

09.02.2003: Pictures of the Mysterious Cities of Gold sequel during the Japan Expo festival
All these images are from the Japan Expo festival in July 2003 Here are the first images of Mysterious Cities of Gold sequel. As the new adventures o [...] (read more)

08.29.2002: Reportage on French TV channel M6, in the show "80 à l'heure"
M6, a French TV channel, broadcast a show on the Mysterious Cities of Gold. Contrary to what one might expect, the continuation of the Mysterious Citi [...] (read more)

07.05.2002: Interview of Jean CHALOPIN at Japan Expo 2002
Here is the latest news of The Mysterious Cities of Gold series, by Jean CHALOPIN. I thank the former site e-tvdata.com who conducted the interview an [...] (read more)

12.13.2000: Chat with Bernard DEYRIES
I want to thank the former website Cerclo which allowed me to chat with Mr. DEYRIES ... It was on December 13, 2000 between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. .. [...] (read more)

12.12.2000: Interview of Bernard DEYRIES
This interview of Bernard Deyriès was conducted by the former website Cerclo (you can also go to the chat). Bernard Deyriès has confirmed the date of [...] (read more)

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