History of pre-Columbian peoples

The Mysterious Cities of Gold series relies heavily on the History of Central and South America and its inhabitants. Of course, some anomalies can be noted, often for purposes of the scenario ... (we are in the magical and mysterious world of cartoons!)
However, whole sections of the story are based on a historical reality and mysticism, that of South American peoples of the 15th century, the most famous being the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs.

In these pages you will find elements involving the quality of the fidelity of the cartoon and the historical reality of these peoples ... and everything about their legends, their knowledge, their science, their lifestyles...

I'm just beginning ... so be patient and come back from time to time ... If you have some material to complete this page, please email me.

Origin of Man in the Americas
One theory among many others ...

Given to the Sun (Offert au Soleil)
A very good news on the beliefs of the Incas

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