The Mysterious Cities of Gold: season 2 (2013)

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09.17.2009: Interview of Hadrian Soulez-Lariviere for www.LesCitesdOr.com

As promised, here is an interview of Hadrian Soulez-Lariviere, screenwriter of the next 3 seasons of The Mysterious Cities of Gold series. Wanting to learn more about his past and how he came to this project, I asked him some questions, which he gladly answered.

Routard: Who are you? What is your profession?
Hadrien: I'm out of the ESRA (film school) in 1997 and since then I have worked on shoots for commercials, television, and I made short films. I am a screenwriter since 2001, mainly for french anime series (La Reine Soleil, Titeuf, SamSam, L'Apprenti Père Noël). [More info on his website]

Routard: What is your involvement in this sequel in progress?
Hadrien: I was hired to write the bible of three new seasons of The Mysterious Cities of Gold series. A "bible" is the reference document, which describes the universe of the series, its characters and the outline of the action. After the Bible, they asked me to write the synopsis of the twenty-six episodes of season 2. This represents one year of work. We now begin writing scripts with two new writers, Nicolas and Sylvie.

Routard: Are you working alone or paired with Jean Chalopin?
Hadrien: I write alone, but I am well advised. Jean Chalopin is living abroad; I see him when he comes to Paris or we discuss by phone. The two program advisors of TF1 [french TV on which the sequels will be aired] follow my work. Valerie, the development manager of Blue Spirit, is my main interlocutor. Jean-Luc, the graphical manager, often gives me his opinion, together with Bernard Deyriès, co-author and director of the original series. All these people have read all my writings since the beginning.

Routard: How have you been chosen? Did you candidate to be part of this project?
Hadrien: Sometimes the best projects come easily. I knew Valerie, because we almost worked together. When the draft of a sequel to The Mysterious Cities of Gold series has materialized, she contacted me and I immediately said "yes"! Then I met Jean Chalopin, whose endorsement was of course essential.

Routard: Did you watched the original series? What is your critical eye on it?
Hadrien: When I was a child, I watched The MCoG series between an episode of Captain Harlock and Inspector Gadget. I am familiar with the series. But I was not particularly critical until I am faced with the challenge to write a sequel! Today, I realize how a great series it is.

Routard: Are you inspired by the first series for the writing, or do you want to give a new breath for a more contemporary audience?
Hadrien: What attracted me immediately in this project is that it is not a remake or an adaptation, but a sequel. What will surprise people the most is seeing our heroes no longer in America but in Asia! Furthermore, it is necessary that those who have not seen the original series can follow the sequels. And what will happen. But everything is done to create continuity between the original series and its sequels. We find again our young heroes, the atmosphere of mystery, the wonderment, the journey, the friendship!

Routard: Can you tell us some extra info (we already know for long, through the comments of Jean Chalopin, that the sequel will take place in Asia).
Hadrien: I went to your forum [see here] and I found that most of the questions that were asked were very relevant! I can indeed confirm that Esteban and Zia did not recover the medallions they used to open the doors of the first city of gold, it would be too easy! Regarging the possible places to hide the next cities of gold, "Routard" is pretty good inspired. In any case, one of his proposals is correct. And the official summary you published on your site suggests the arrival of new characters ...

Routard: After the three new seasons, the seven cities of gold will be discovered: is the end of the series already written? Do you know if Jean Chalopin had already planned an end to the series as he was working on the first series during the 80s?
Hadrien: No, the end was not written and we always discuss about it. Jean Chalopin, and all of us, want to ensure that you will not be disappointed! What I can tell you is that the "mythology" around the cities of gold will be deepened. Just get ready!

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