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Summary of episode 4 (season 3)

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Episode 4: The Anger of Naï No Kami

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 3 - Episode 4

Tao and Zia manage to get Esteban out of the water before being spotted by guards and enter the Izumo sanctuary.
Meanwhile, in the Daimyo's palace, Gaspard tells Shimazu all he knows about the children and the Cities of Gold; while Ambrosius, brought back by captain Takashi, seems to pledge allegiance to Shimazu. He promises to bring him Mendoza and brings his ship to the palace to fix it. Gaspard and Ambrosius, being Mendoza's foes, are now in cahoots.
As for them, Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro came back to the Kagoshima port where they think of finding sanctuary on the Portuguese ship. But the presence of many soldiers around the ship tells them Ambrosius betrayed them.
At the Izumo sanctuary, the three children finally see the shield during a procession, when Zia and Pichu alert everyone: there's going to be an earthquake!
Panic ensues. The earth splits open and the crowd disperses, yet a priest takes the mirror-shield somewhere safe; meanwhile in Kagoshima, the town's ablaze and houses fall down. Rather than escaping, Mendoza chooses to save two young children with Pedro and Sancho's help, but they get caught back by the soldiers. The Daimyo Shimazu, who witnessed the scene, admits Mendoza's bravery; the three sailors, while still prisoners, will be treated with respect.
Near Izumo, the children follow the priest to a small secluded temple; once they're alone, they can finally get close to the mirror-shield.

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Documentary: Izumo, sacred sanctuary of Japan, with its shimenawa and omikuji.
Kokapetl's Scoop: Ōkuninushi, god of happy marriages, and the legend of the white rabbit.

Characters (in order of appearance): Esteban, Tao, Zia, Kokapetl, Gaspard, Shimadzu, Ambrosius, Mendoza, Sancho, Pedro.

Script: Éric-Paul Marais
Documentary author: Jean-Luc François
Storyboard: Olivier Reynal
Artistic director: Fernando Lira
Assistant director: Régis Didry

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