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Summary of episode 39 (season 1)

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Episode 39: The End of the City of Gold

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 39While Gaspard and Gomez are busy hoarding as much gold as they can, our friends seek to recover the Great Legacy, fallen into the hands of the Olmecs. The latter, having joined their base, are now trying to integrate the Great Legacy into their solar reactor. Out of strength, the old king gives his orders to Kalmec.
At the same time, Tao's vase begins to shine abnormally. The High Priest deduces that the Olmecs have initiated the Great Legacy. According to him, he must hurry and absolutely go to the Burning Shield. Indeed, if an incident occurs while manipulating the Great Legacy, an apocalypse will be triggered. The High Priest explains to Tao that the vase he holds since the beginning of the adventure is in fact the only key that can the process.
Suddenly, Pichu sounds the alarm and an earthquake begins. At the Burning Shield, the unthinkable has just happened: the Great Legacy is out of control. The mountain starts to shake and soon the whole base begins to collapse. The Great Legacy then begins an inexorable descent underground. Distraught, Kalmec asks Menator advice, who is already dead. Thus perish the king and his disciple, overwhelmed by a technology they thought they could control ...
Our friends are walking quickly towards the Olmec mountain. For its part, Mendoza stayed behind. While he sees some of the guardians of the City, he takes the opportunity to question them about the High Priest. The guards tell him that the real High Priest died three years ago. The sailor wonders: who is this man? According to the guards, the Traveling Prophet would have taken the place of the High Priest hoping for the return of his son, guided to the City of Gold by the medallion of the sun he had left him ...
Near the Burning Shield, our friends discover with horror the first effects of the Great Legacy. The High Priest explains once again that it is his duty to join the base in order to put an end to this catastrophe. Esteban asks him a simple question: does the Traveling Prophet, this man who reached the City of Gold a few years earlier, was his father? The High Priest replies that the Traveling Prophet left the City soon after arriving. While the sadness is read on the face of the young boy, the High Priest puts his hand on his cheek and affirms, before going away, that he must not be saddened. "To become really tall, a son must overtake his father." These are the last words left by a father, as a farewell, but which will probably resonate long in the heart of his son ...
Suddenly, a new earthquake occurs. A gigantic fault opens from the Burning Shield to the Island of the City of Gold. The waters of the lake are engulfed in the bowels of the Earth. At the same time, the High Priest inserts Tao's vase into the Great Legacy, but receives a high dose of radiation, which ceases shortly thereafter. The elements subside, but the City of Gold is no more.
On their side, Sancho and Pedro lament: they could not collect gold! However, Mendoza reassures them: hidden behind a bush, some gold bars have escaped the disaster. The three children have a very different goal: to continue the adventure. Mendoza encourages them in this way and reminds them that six other cities of gold are waiting for them around the world. With these words, all separate and promise to meet in Barcelona. The Great Condor can then spread its wings and fly west, en route to new adventures ...

End of season 1 - Season 2

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