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Summary of episode 34 (season 1)

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Episode 34: Revolt of the Mayas

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 34The day will soon rise on the village of New Sun almost emptied of its inhabitants. Indeed, men who can fight are all on their way to Burning Shield, where the battle will begin soon. The children have decided to help them with the Great Condor. In order to make it more efficient, Tao has a new idea: to equip it with an offensive weapon ...
At sunrise, the surprise is total for the Olmecs. The warriors of the various Mayan tribes, led by Wynacocha, already climb the first slopes of the mountain. In the back, other fighters, led by Mendoza, build large assault towers. However, Menator, the old Olmec king, is not worried and orders that the Mayan revolt be crushed as soon as possible. The surprise passed, the many Olmec fighters manage to rebalance the fight, and repel the waves of Mayan assault. Wynacocha realizes that it will be very difficult to pierce the Olmec lines, especially as the losses are already important. Suddenly, the two assault towers make their appearance and give courage to the fighters.
For his part, Tao executes his plan. With the help of Esteban, Zia and some village women, the Great Condor is quickly equipped with a system of baskets filled with large stones, which can tilt thanks to a set of ropes and pulleys. And despite the appearance of Gaspard and Gomez, the children take off quickly towards the Burning Shield.
There, the battle is raging thanks to the two towers of Mendoza. However, the Mayas fail to take over. A tower gets too close to the mountain and suddenly takes fire. The arrival of the Condor gives hope to the warriors. Thanks to Esteban's dexterity, Tao can use his weapon with precision. Thus, many Olmecs are annihilated under a deadly rain of stones. Taking advantage of this air diversion, Mendoza lowers the drawbridge of the towers and gives the final assault, forcing the last Olmecs to retreat inside their base.
Commander Kalmec is pessimistic about the continuation of the battle, unlike Menator, who tells him of a secret weapon that their attackers do not suspect ...


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