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Summary of episode 13 (season 1)

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Episode 13: Mystery of the Parents

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 13At the High Peak, Esteban, Zia and Tao are immediately considered as the messengers of the god Viracocha. With Kraka, the children visit various monuments of the Inca city. The chief, whose historical knowledge is limited, offers them to visit an old man, Myuca, whose knowledge of the legends of the New World could educate children on their origins. Before that, our heroes meet Yacuma, a young Inca woman who will take care of them as long as they stay in High Peak. After bathing in the river with Tao, Esteban has the opportunity to discuss his past with Yacuma who wishes him warmly to succeed in the quest of his parents.
Later, the children go in search of Myuca. A child timidly tells them that the old man is on Machu Picchu, a mountain overlooking the High Peak. Luckily they find him cutting stones. After introducing himself, Esteban asks him the meaning of the medallion that he and Zia wear, a medallion of which they observed the insignia on a sculpture of the High Peak. According to Myuca, it is the same insignia evoked by a man who crossed the great ocean in the West, about ten years ago. Excited that this man may be his father, Esteban begs Myuca to tell him everything he knows. Thus the old man begins his story:
"Twelve or thirteen years ago, a man from the great ocean in the West fell in love with an Inca girl and they had a child. The girl is said to have been a vestal who served the sun god. The sun, to show its anger, would have hidden, threatening to plunge the Inca country into the night. Terrified by the wrath of the god, the men seized the girl and offered her as a sacrifice to the sun. Then they built a ship similar to that on which the stranger had come, and they sent the man and the child back to the great ocean in the West. Before he left, the man would have said: where Inti, the god of the sun, meets Koyolite, the shining star, will be reborn the sacred crest of the sun. This place represents these sculptures. ". The old man hastens to add that he knows nothing else about this man and that it is probably only a legend. In the evening, Esteban remains perplexed and pensive about the words of Myuca: is this story really a legend? Tao then makes a great discovery: according to his calculations, the place where the sun meets the Koyolite star, is south of the High Peak ...


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