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Summary of episode 38 (season 1)

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Episode 38: The Great Legacy

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 38A threatening dawn rises over the Maya Country, a harbinger of a deadly day. Menator sees the outcome of his dearest hopes and orders the separation of the Olmec war machine. Split into several parts, it can then penetrate inside the island.
For his part, Commander Kalmec asks Esteban to reveal to him the secret of the now open City of Gold. The tension rises, but Mendoza manages to control Kalmec by threatening him with his sword. Suddenly, the appalling flying machine burst into the City of Gold. Kalmec and his men take advantage of it to distort company in Mendoza. They head for the highest tower of the City, where is the Great Legacy, coveted by Menator. At the top of the tower, the High Priest tries again to reason Kalmec by proposing a peaceful solution to the conflict between them. But the Guardian underestimates the Commander's determination. Indeed, without hesitation, Kalmec stabs him. Nothing further impedes the path of the ruthless Olmec, not even the sword of Mendoza, who tries in vain to block the road: once inside the tower, Kalmec performs various manipulations and the Great Legacy appears in the center of the room. While he seizes it, the whole tower illuminates.
For the High Priest, the irreparable is already committed. He urges the children to flee without further delay. But the dome of the City of Gold is already opening. The High Priest explains to Tao that the City of Gold can defend itself in case of threat: huge solar panels rise around the City and concentrate the sunlight towards the big tower. A ray of power then springs up and neutralizes the Olmec war machine that crashes. While the breath of the explosion destroys one by one the temples of the city, Calmèque tries to find Menator among the rubble and the flames. A dying voice is heard at the bend of a temple: the old king and his commander managed to get some of the flying machine back to their base, taking the Great Legacy.
Later, the High Priest can finally be treated. All safe, our friends are joined by Myeena, Wynacocha and some Mayan warriors.


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