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Summary of episode 26 (season 1)

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Episode 26: The Swamps

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 26The Sun illuminates the mountains of the Maya country and our friends are exhausted, especially as their stomachs are empty. During a break, Tao recalls the message wrote on the manuscript: "The serpent with golden wings, crossing the mountains and crossing the meadows, has reached the swamp of the gods of the rain to create there a new capital".
While they speculate on the interpretation of this message, Tao hears a noise and runs after an iguana. With the help of Esteban and Zia, everyone enjoys a more than welcome meal. A little later, as they walk around a mountain, an eagle attacks them. Sancho, Pedro and Mendoza try to defend themselves with their spears, without success. Suddenly, someone shoots and the bird of prey is dead. All note that the shot was fired by The Doctor, a few meters below. They understand that the eagle also attacked The Doctor, Marinche and Teteola. Despite the reluctance of the three sailors, Esteban agrees to help thanks to the rope made by Sancho. However, Mendoza cleverly takes the Doctor's pistol and then orders Marinche to lead them to the prairie mentioned by the manuscript.
After a long walk, the meadow finally appears. Claiming to be exhausted, Marinche refuses to go further. Mendoza decides to let them continue on their way. While our friends engage in the immense expanse, Marinche confides to the Doctor that it is in fact wetlands, where the danger is everywhere ... Our friends learn it when Kukapetl alerts them: an alligator appears. Mendoza manages to kill the beast with the Doctor's gun, but other monsters emerge from the reeds. The situation is critical and everyone is fleeing in opposite directions. The children follow the way indicated by Kukapetl and arrive near a pond. Zia has the idea of ​​crossing the water on a giant lotus leaf. Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro doing the same, our friends manage to sow the alligators and join the mainland, after a rough battle. On the ground, Esteban points to a monumental statue. According to Zia, it could be the god of the Rain evoked by the manuscript. Tao confirms ... the troupe is following the right path!


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