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Summary of episode 21 (season 1)

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Episode 21: The Amazons

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 22On the way to the Maya Country, our friends fly over a dense forest covered by a large river. Trapped by a storm and deprived of its driving force - the Sun - the Great Condor is forced to crash into the jungle. Despite their efforts, all note that the golden bird is indeed immobilized on the ground.
Suddenly, Kukapetl signals a danger coming from the river: a giant snake flows from the river towards Esteban and his companions. They are all safe thanks to the agility of Mendoza, who also defeat a jaguar a few minutes later. Surrounded by the danger of this hostile jungle, they take refuge in the roots of a huge tree. They follow a tunnel and, a little further, they face an enchanting landscape: flowers, peaceful waters and wonderful birds ...
Suddenly, a firm voice forbids them to move. They then see two female silhouettes armed with bows and arrows. The tension rises when other women armed with spears appear. One of them, Paola, informs them that she must lead them to their Queen who will decide their fate. Prisoners, they enter the city of the Amazons and are sinisterly greeted by Omoro, their priestess, who tells them the direction of the altar where must be held a sacrifice to appease the god of the Rain. Zia objects that only the intervention of the Sun can save them: indeed, if it appears, they will be spared. Mendoza then introduced Esteban to Omoro. He points out to him that he is the child of the Sun God and that as such he has the power to invoke the sun, to make it appear and therefore to drive out the rain. Incredulous, Omoro stubbornly wants to sacrifice all of them. She is suddenly stopped by the Queen, who, intrigued by the words of Mendoza, wishes to give Esteban a chance. The boy begins to pray. When the rain starts to fall, Omoro thinks she is more than ever abused and points her spear in the air to kill Esteban. Suddenly, a ray of light cross the sky. Then the rain stops and the clouds are dissipated, the Sun appears. Omoro persists in her thirst for sacrifice but the Queen strongly opposes it. She sees in Esteban a message from the gods and wishes to offer him her hospitality.
Finally, the whole group exults and congratulates the Son of the Sun for his faith and his courage ...


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