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Summary of episode 20 (season 1)

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Episode 20: The Spaniards' Cannon

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 20While Esteban becomes familiar with the handling of the Great Condor, which does not reassure Sancho and Pedro , Mendoza remembers the message of the golden quipu found in Tseila: the inhabitants of the city took refuge in the Mayan country. He thinks that they will find the other cities of gold there. But Esteban wants first to make a hook by the High Peak to obtain from Kraka more information on this country. Guided by the indications of Mendoza, Esteban pilots the Condor towards the High Peak which appears after a while .
Meanwhile, the Spanish soldiers commanded by Gaspard are busy rebuilding the suspension bridge destroyed by Mendoza , while the Incan soldiers of High Peak try to repel them. Warned of the situation, Kraka decides to build a wall at the entrance of the waterfall to block their way .
Guided by Patou, Zia's condor, our friends fly over the suspension bridge and see the Spaniards crossing with their cannon . Tao tells Esteban to fly towards the bridge. Short after, the golden bird grazes the bridge , shakes it and cuts it literally in half. The Spanish soldiers and the cannon all fall into the ravine under the desperate eyes of Commander Gomez . Close by, the Spaniards find the entrance to the cave behind the waterfall, which has been walled up . Gaspard suggests using the rest of the barrels of powder to blow up the wall .
For their part, Esteban and his friends have been helpless aboard the Great Condor. Suddenly, the powder prepared by Gomez's soldiers explodes and throws the rocks outside the cave. The Inca villagers are also witnessing this explosion . Gaspard and Gomez think they have cleared the passage successfully but the blast produced by the explosion has shaken the mountain that opens . The only road leading to the High Peak is washed away with the waters, as well as Gaspard, Gomez and the last Spanish soldiers .
Kraka, Upanki and all the inhabitants of the High Peak understand that their city is now cut off from the rest of the Inca country, forever ... On board the Great Condor, our friends land on the central square of the High Peak . Popeyed, the villagers see in Esteban their savior, send by the Sun god . The boy exposes to Kraka what happened to them: the discovery of the Great Condor and the quipu of Tseila showing them the path of the Maya Country. Mendoza asks Kraka for information about this country. The head of the city calls Myuca but the latter has little information about it. To his knowledge, only Papa Camayo from Puna went to the sacred Mayan fountain. Zia's eyes light up since Papa Camayo is none other than his father , one more reason to go in search of this country.
After a night of rest, the children, accompanied by Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro board the Great Condor . Under the cheers of the people of High Peak and the prayers of Kraka , the Great Condor unfolds its wings and flies to a new country full of mysteries, towards the sun ...


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