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Summary of episode 31 (season 1)

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Episode 31: The Village of the New Sun

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 31Myena brings the six adventurers to her village, by a steep mountain trail. The Olmecs catch up with them very quickly and encircle them. A volley of arrows repels them and a valiant Mayan fighter appears. Myena recognizes him: his name is Wynacocha. The latter thanks them for saving the life of his fiancée which surprises and disappoints Tao. Wynacocha is the leader of the armed forces of the only Maya tribe who can resist the Olmecs. He is surprised to see Spaniards and is only half reassured when Myena explains the situation.
On their way to the village of the New Sun, Myena explains that she is the daughter of the village chief. The girl claims that he is in fact a great traveler, holder of immense knowledge, who arrived in the village five years ago. Mendoza is interested in meeting him but Wynacocha categorically refuses. Once in the village, they are greeted by several children and a hearty meal is offered. However, Wynacocha, who visits the bedridden chief of the village, explains that he does not trust them at all.
Meanwhile, Menator plans to crush the village of New Sun, furious to have been fooled. But two old acquaintances also reached the base: Dr. Fernando Laguerra and Marinche. They reveal to the old Olmec king that they found a giant gold condor, which seems to interest him greatly ...
While Tao transmits his knowledge to the young Mayan children, Esteban and Zia help Myena to gather medicinal plants for her father. As the discussion progressed, Zia told Myena that she, too, hoped to find her father.
In the evening, an Olmec garrison led by Laguerra and Marinche arrives at the edge of a giant hole where a silhouette of a bird takes shape. Illuminated by the torches of the Olmecs, the Great Condor appears in all its splendor. When night falls, Pedro and Sancho decide to falsify their comrades asleep, to go spy on the village chief hoping to glean some information on the Cities of Gold; clumsily, they fall from the roof and find themselves face to face with Myena and her father. The Mayan guards catch them and lock them in their hut; Wynacocha, angry, decides that they will all be executed. It was then that a Mayan scout announced to the young leader that the Olmecs were en route to a giant golden statue lost in the jungle, which frightened the children. No more hesitation! Knowing that they are doomed, the children decide to flee the village by causing a fire.
For her part, Myena tries to plead the cause of Sancho, Pedro and Mendoza with her father. But as soon as she pronounces the name of Zia, the face of the latter is illuminated and the old man is completely upset when Myena tells him that she comes from an Inca village named Puna. Affected to find his once lost child, he urges Myena to go get Zia, but she arrives too late: Zia can not hear the desperate calls of Myena, who cries to her to have finally found his father ...


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