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Summary of episode 6 (season 1)

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Episode 6: The Ship Solaris

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 6Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro arrive on the island of Tao, where they discover the traces of Esteban. Meanwhile, Esteban, Tao and Zia have finished their meal and Tao offers them to visit his "castle in the trees", built by his family. He lives alone now on this island. He explains to them that a legend foresees the arrival of Zia. They climb to the top of the gigantic tree in which Tao lives. Tao's house is full of ancient artifacts inherited from his ancestors. They also meet Kukapetl, a green parrot, Tao's faithful companion.
On the top of the tree, you can see the whole island and Esteban notices a strange hill: the "cape of the moon". Tao teaches them that his ancestors, Mu's people, have lived here. It is an ancient civilization, technologically advanced, but disappeared during a tidal wave. In his wisdom, the emperor of Mu had built seven cities of gold in anticipation of the disaster, for future generations. One of the cities would be on the South American continent.
Tao shows them the map and the gun he stole from Mendoza and fires inadvertently. Esteban avoid the bullet and the weapon falls to the ground. Mendoza arrives at that moment at the foot of the tree and retrieves it. Tao is frightened by the weapon of the Spaniards and fled with Zia. Esteban thinks he knows where they have gone: they are chasing after them, towards the cape of the moon. Tao and Zia arrive in a huge room with a representation of Viracocha. He shows her a gold vase, which would have a link with the priest of the city of gold, and a quipu that Zia deciphers: "Solaris, ship of the empire of Mu, sleeps in the flanks of the mountain. When thunder roars in the depths of the earth, the seals will break and the Solaris ship will be reborn in the sea". Tao doesn't understand this message.
On these facts, Esteban, Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro arrive and Tao releases a giant iguana to defend himself. Mendoza shoots the animal. and the echo of the detonation, like thunder, triggers an earthquake, as in the legend. The walls crumble, killing the monster. Behind the representation of Viracocha, a strange construction appears. All flee before being buried and suddenly the ship Solaris appears in front of the amazed eyes of our heroes. All want to get on board. Tao tells them he knows how this boat works and Mendoza, as a confirmed sailor, will help him.
Solaris will take our friends to the New World.


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