Brief episodes summaries of season 2

01. Back to Barcelona (1)
Esteban, Zia and Tao rid Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro from their prison in Barcelona, ​​where Zares had locked.

02. Back to Barcelona (2)
Esteban returns to the monastery where he lived as a child and understands the importance of his medallion.

03. The secret of the drum
The Great Condor led Esteban and his friends in the Chinese jungle where they discover a secret cave.

04. In the hands of the pirates
Our heroes try to escape the pirates with an ingenious catapult bamboo. But Esteban and Tao are captured.

05. The alchemist
Tao and Esteban escape the fangs of the alligator of Pang Zi thanks to an unknown man who make diversion among the pirates.

06. All aboard!
The pirates attacked the ship of Ambrosius in which our heroes are hidden.

07. Shaolin
Our heroes meet brigands in Chinese forest. A Shaolin monk fighter rescue them.

08. The treason
The man who broke into the dormitory escaped from Esteban and Tao. Esteban suspects Bao Xingji, an instructor master.

09. The prophecy
Esteban and Tao are released by two young Shaolin monks. They fly to the monastery to prevent the Grand Master of the attack.

10. The black pearl
Our heroes land next to Beijing, where they await the arrival of Ambrosius.

11. In search of the yellow dragon
Guided by Mei Li, the children discover that the city is preparing for the festivities. Their young guide even led them to the temple they seek. Our young heroes are welcomed into the Temple of Renaissance by the priest Yu Chunbe who notices the medallion around the neck of Esteban and Zia.

12. In the Forbidden City
Esteban runs after the masked man who stole them the yellow dragon and manages to penetrate through one of the gates of the Imperial City.

13. Like a prince
Mendoza and his two friends search for Zhu and Zia who joined him. Returning the the ship, Ambrosius and Tao surprise a man who tried to steal the Pyramid of Mu!

14. The escape
Esteban flees the Forbidden City with the Yellow Dragon thanks to the help of his friends aboard the ship of Ambrosius.

15. The stomach of Buddha
Arrived at the Buddha Belly, how our heroes will enter the Chinese citadel? Then a sandstorm down on them ...

16. The labyrinth
Helped by Gurban, Zia enters the citadel and manages to meet Li Shuang. He leads the three children in a strange cave ...

17. The sleeping garden
Is it really a Golden City that Zia and Esteban just discovered? Or is it an experimental laboratory of the People of Mu ...

18. The son of the Sun
Encouraged by Tao, Zia use his memories and lessons of the Grand Master Shaolin to attempt to heal Esteban with plants. The opening mechanism of the Buddha Belly has been broken during the fight between Li Shuang and the captain, so our young heroes can't hope to go out to get some help ...

19. The oasis
Back in the Nave, Li Shuang tells Esteban that his ancestors were the Atlanteans! Tao attends the discussion on the sly without saying anything. But it is clear that this information disturbs him as the Legend says that the people of Mu and the Atlanteans fought during a terrible war that led to their demise ...

20. The fresco of the evil eyes
In the morning, Mendoza and the two sailors go in search of children. One of the henchmen of Zares pretends to know where they are and lead them in an ambush. But Mendoza is ready to fight ...

21. The separation
Fallen into a trap of the old fool who put imagined a system to suggest that the place is "haunted" and to deter curious approach "his eyes", our young heroes are released thanks to the intervention Ambrosius.

22. The fire of the dragon
Flying over the canyon in which Mendoza and two sailors fell, Esteban and Zia discover they have miraculously escaped death and ensure their rescue. Happy and relieved, they fly off towards Tibet.

23. The expedition
Returning to the nave, Ambrosius and the children discover that Mendoza tried to steal the pyramid of Mu! Esteban can't believe in his guilt, and help him to escape with Sancho and Pedro.

24. The nest of the Condor
Our heroes and Ambrosius enter the City using their medallions which missing parts were given to Esteban by Mendoza. Inside the Sacred Mount, Esteban calls the sun which chases the fog and illuminate the "City of Gold".

25. The revelation
Panicked by the noise of the city that closes, our heroes are trying to run out in the middle of the foundations which are sinking into the ground ... By rescuing Pichu, children lose track of Ambrosius ...

26. Face to face
Finally, our young heroes return to the Tibetan village where they find Ambrosius, waiting anxiously ... In the evening, while the party is in full swing, Mendoza discreetly reveals to Esteban that his father is alive ...

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