Chinese chess gameplay in episode 13: break the rules

Saison 2 (2013) : la suite officielle par MoviePlus (Jean Chalopin), produite par Blue Spirit et diffusée sur TF1 sous la forme de 3 saisons de 26 épisodes.
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Chinese chess gameplay in episode 13: break the rules

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Hello, It's me again.

In episode 13, there are scenes that Prince Zhu played Chinese Chess (also called XiangQi 象棋) with other villians. However, there are two wrong points according to the game rules of Chinese Chess. Although there are variation in game rules, the game rules used in Ming Dynasty (16th century) should be the same as the modern rules.

Epsiode 13 12:12
The 'horse 馬' (resembly the knight in Chess) was moved one step forwards (the position marked in black circle) and it offended the rules. The possible movement of the 'horse' are marked in red and yellow circles. However, the red circles are not possible because of other chesses' interfere.

Episode 13 14:15
The positions of those chesses marked in cyan circles are not possible.

The game play of Chinese Chess is very much like Chess. If you are interested, you can find the game rules in wikipedia:

Thanks for reading.