CDs de bande dessinée Soundtrack

L'animation d'hier (pour les nostalgiques) et d'aujourd'hui (pour les amoureux de Pikachu).
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CDs de bande dessinée Soundtrack

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Salut à tous. Je m'intéresse à bandes sonores de bandes dessinées des années 1980 et je me demandais si quelqu'un savait de telles versions partout dans le monde.

Je sais à propos de l'album He-Man de La La Land Records il y a quelques années - je l'ai posté à ce moment-là - mais y avait-il d'autres dessins animés?

J'ai déjà toutes les Mystérieuses Cités d'or CD.

J'ai déjà ce qui suit:

Ulysses 31 2-CD set

Inspector Gadget 30th anniversary set ... B00DLKX8PK

He-Man 2-CD set

Jonny Quest 2-CD set (Je sais que c'est la version des années 1960, mais il est encore une mention)

Transformers: The Movie

Est-ce que quelqu'un sait?

Merci! :)

Désolé pour mon pauvre français, j'utilise Google Translate!

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Re: CDs de bande dessinée Soundtrack

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Il y avait une nouvelle DuckTales CD sur le mardi!

Voici les détails:


David Newman
Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 372
Film Date: 1990
Album Date: 2017
Time: 71:03
Tracks: 22

David Newman score for Walt Disney animation tale finally gets long-awaited release on CD! Feature was spun out of popular 1987 animation TV series inspired by Disney artist Carl Banks, creator four decades earlier of Scrooge McDuck, Donald’s rich uncle. Along with nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey, clan embarks on a wild hunt for the treasure of Collie Baba. Shape-shifting sorcerer Merlock makes the journey difficult. A magic lamp complete with a wacky Genie and the requisite three wishes all factor in as well. Bob Hathcock directs, Alan Burnett scripts, Alan Young, Russi Taylor, Christopher Lloyd provide voices. A favorite project of composer David Newman, who considered it, “Like a dream experience for me.” Newman was afforded considerable freedom to write what he felt was most appropriate without interference. “It was lovely.” Newman scores for a large orchestra, writes wall-to-wall music, including several lengthy sequences. Strong degree of musical architecture results. Music often twists and turns on a dime, racing forward, stopping suddenly for quick pauses then continuing onwards. Excitement is name of the game! Vibrant recording by Tim Boyle made at Evergreen Studios in Burbank over 6 days in June 1990. Entire album is presented in crisp stereo sound from complete digital 2-track scoring session masters with 3 additional cues derived from the 30 its Dolby SR-format analog mixes, all courtesy Walt Disney Records. John Takis provides descriptive liner notes, Kay Marshall fashions gorgeous, colorful “flipper” cover. Choose your favorite! David Newman composes, orchestrates, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Coming In For A Landing (1:56)
02. The Seal Of Collie Baba (4:34)
03. The Pyramid (Alternate) (2:55)
04. The Ducks Use Their Marbles (1:10)
05. Webby Discovers The Lantern (4:43)
06. Scrooge Gets Depressed (1:17)
07. Back Home (0:22)
08. Meet The Genie (2:30)
09. Mrs. Beakley Meets The Elephant (1:39)
10. Ice Cream Sundae From The Sky (1:43)
11. The Story Of The Talisman (2:25)
12. Morning Becomes Merlock (1:00)
13. Merlock Sneaks Into The Mansion (6:01)
14. Scrooge Gets The Lamp (0:20)
15. I Wish For The Treasure Of Collie Baba (1:48)
16. Merlock Goes For Scrooge (6:16)
17. Dijon The Master (4:25)
18. Mission Impossible (5:45)
19. Merlock Takes Control (10:06)
20. End Credits (4:18)
Total Time: 1:05:31

The Extras
21. The Pyramid (Original) (2:54)
22. Merlock Goes For Scrooge (Long Version) (2:27)
Extras Time: (5:22) ... gory=22848

[ image externe ]

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Re: CDs de bande dessinée Soundtrack

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un film génial je le recommande (celui de l'affiche)
présentation : viewtopic.php?p=72423#p72423

note serie:
MCO1: 18/20

Haberation totale:
MCO2: 6/20
MCO3: 4/20
Fanarts: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2301 de mes débuts à aujourd’hui :x-):