Crossword on the theme of The Mysterious Cities of Gold

You can print this page (grid, definitions and solution) to play later.

The grid


The definitions are in english but the entries are in french.


A- Spanish, during the 16th century
B- Naked / Chief of the Amazons
C- Naked / Desert of sand
D- The feathered serpent god
E- [No definition]
F- Louis XIV was the ... of the Sun / Taste
G- Father of Zia (replace letter C with letter K!)
H- Empire of Tao / Giant warrior / During episode 4, it is endless
I- Chief of the High Peak
J- Animal spitting water / 'Astèque' in english!
K- High plateau of Peru / Chosen
L- Damaged
M- Cunning / Asset / Not Inca
N- Entry 4-2 (right to left) / Name
O- Daughter of Inca people / Smoked by the Indians


1- Majestic birds / Soldier of the Spanish guard
2- Drank
3- Naked / Deciphered by Zia / Cultivated by the Maya
4- Empire of Tao / Friend of Menator
5- Unalterated / Tool that can be seen in the shed of Tao
6- Fashion / Letters from Tao / More colorful parrot than Kokapetl! / Esteban and Tao are ...
7- Panama canal but in Egypt / In French, his name is Pichu
8- God of the Sun ... in Egypt / Chief of the Amazons / Friend of Kokapetl (bottom to top)
9- Eagle / Enemies of the Atlanteans / Old man in Machu Picchu
10- The beginning of Papa Camayo
11- Precious metal / Color of the Great Condor / Region of New Mexico / Letters from Tao
12- Dreamt / Spanish commander
13- Friend of Kokapetl / The Hero
14- For Inca people, Mama Killa is the goddess of the sun (bottom to top) / Spanish article / The end of Papa Camayo
15- Seems like it's the only season in the land of the Incas / Entry 9-3 (bottom to top)