Children of the Sun & Stars LMCDO/STNG crossover

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Children of the Sun & Stars LMCDO/STNG crossover

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Just recently wrote a Mysterious Cities of Gold short crossover with Star Trek:The Next Generation. It's intended to be part of a multiple crossover with the 1987-1990 CBS television series Beauty & the Beast & The Mysterious Cities of Gold. (please delete this in Anime,this post is meant to be in here)

"Welcome to the 24th Century,Esteban,Zia & Tao." Beverly Crusher mentioned to the three twelve year old children. Beverly had Esteban guide the Golden Condor toward a huge vessel consisting of a massive flat saucer attached by a streamlined neck to an elliptical body. Sprouting from the elliptical shaped section of the ship were two streamlined ninety degree angled pylons attached to a pair of horizontal oval shaped streamlined warp nacelles. "Crusher to Enterprise,I have new guests arriving,Crusher out.",Beverly voiced into her uniform's communicator. Esteban,Zia & Tao looked down in awe at the massive vessel in which the ship's registry number dwarfed the Condor. The three children could make out the large letters & numbers that spelled out "NCC-1701-D" on the saucers' top surface.
Beverly had Esteban pilot the Condor toward the rear of the Enterprise & they could see the rear of the Starfleet vessel gently arch & slope upward to the rear of the massive neck of the ship.
A horizontal beam of of light shot out from the rear of the vessel & gripped the Golden Condor & begin to gently guide & pull it toward a large shuttle bay that was illuminated from within.
Esteban folded the Condors' gold wings upward as its' head began to protrude into the shuttle bay. The folded wings beagn to pivot forward then swing to a stop against the Condors' fuselage as the tail of the bird moved past the edges of the shuttle bays' door.
Esteban pivoted the Condors' head & neck down toward the floor of the shuttle bay as its' rear door swung down open & stopped the instant the doors' rear edge touched the floor of the shuttle bay.
The Condors' beak opened revealing the ladder-like steps within & Beverly was the first to exit through it followed by Esteban,Zia & Tao & some of the other occupants while Esteban's father Athanaos & the rest of the occupants exited through the rear of the Condor.

If you wonder why the condor is flying in space, it's because Egon Spengler in a crossover story titled The Golden Condor Reborn on the Beauty & the Beast Tunnel Tales page modified the condor so it could fly both without & with solar power.