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Summary of episode 5 (season 1)

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Episode 5: The abduction of Zia

Our heroes are safe on the … wasteland island which is only inhabited by strange creatures. After the drift of the ship, Mendoza thinks that they are near Lima but Zia doesn't believe that because she doesn't recognize the vegetation. The weather is hot and when looking for water, they meet a giant turtle which will be their night meal. The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 1 - Episode 5 Sancho and Pedro, not ready to taste the turtle, prefer drink the water of some cactus but some harmless iguanas frighten them. In their escape, they meet a kind of monster with the head of a snake with wings. Zia learns to our friends that it is Viracocha, the Snake Feathers, a saving God of her population but his presence here is strange.
The night is fallen. Everyone sleeps under stars. Esteban and Zia speak about the mysterious monster and Zia is pretty sure that someone is located on the island. Suddenly the Snake Feathers appears and steals the map and the gun of Mendoza. Esteban and Zia are completely afraid. The mysterious people escapes but Esteban decides to follow him. He is knocked out by a branch and the robber kidnaps Zia. All are awake and they follow the monster but on the other side of the island, Zia is taken away in a small boat.
With a lot of courage, Esteban follows the monster and Zia but he finally drifts on a branch. The next morning, he is on a second island where traces of the small boat can be seen. He encounters a strange hut in a gigantic tree. Zia is situated at the top of the tree and she is asleep on a bed. Esteban hides himself when a young boy, Tao, enters. He says to Zia that he knew her arrival due to a legend. Esteban goes out from his hiding place and Tao threatens him. Esteban explains to Tao that he came from the other island by swimming to find Zia. Tao is astonished. He says to Esteban that he also was waiting for Esteban's arrival and proposes to eat. Our 3 heroes can relax.


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